It is a trust mark of the non-profit Genoa Aquarium Foundation that has the scope of identifying materials and products that correspond to particular environmental requirements. The Genoa Aquarium Foundation grants the label, the use of which is extended to all countries in the world, to materials or products of prevalently aquatic origin or which contribute to the improvement of aquatic environments or to the conservation of particularly endangered species and ecosystems. The products must come from productions that are set up according to the criterion of a sustainable use of resources according to the specifications of the label. The products must comply with any environmental laws and regulations in force in the country of origin and with the principles of the ILO/UNO on child labour. They may also include fair trade agreements within the framework of eco-solidarity projects.

Madreperla Indonesia

Pearl oysters are farmed ethically and sustainably in Indonesia. PT Autore Pearl Colture obtained Ecocrest Green Road certification in 2021, thus being able to activate a virtuous supply chain.

Tonnara di Carloforte

The Tonnara of Isola Piana, managed by Carloforte Tonnare PIAM, is one of the last traditional tuna traps in the Mediterranean. Bluefin tuna is fished with an ancient, traditional and sustainable method.

Progetto Ecotrochus Vietnam

The Vietnam project for a sustainable and ethical production of Trochus for mother of pearl won the first Industry Environment award in 2006. It is a conceptually very innovative project.

  Certifications requests

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