BerBrand srl and Superlativa

BerBrand, a leading company in the sector of fashion accessories of natural and non-natural origin, initially obtained ecocrest© certification for buttons produced with Australian certified mother-of-pearl in 2007 and 2008. It has currently applied for certification for new productions. The Superlativa© brand, established by BerBrand s.r.l., produces extremely innovative products in ecocrest© certified mother-of-pearl, using exclusive and sophisticated techniques. Superlativa© began the certification process some time ago.

Carloforte Tonnare PIAM

The Isola Piana tuna trap, managed by Carloforte Tonnare PIAM, is one of the last traditional tuna traps in the Mediterranean Sea. The bluefin tuna is fished using an ancient, traditional and sustainable method, which obtained ecocrest© certification in 2009 and ecocrest© silver certification in 2021.

PT Autore Pearl Culture

Pearl oysters are farmed ethically and sustainably in Indonesia. PT Autore Pearl Culture was awarded ecocrest© basic green road certification in 2021, thus enabling a virtuous supply chain.

Thanks to direct inspections, the Company, in 2023, reached the ecocrest© GOLD certification level.

Ecotrochus Vietnam

The Vietnam project for sustainable, fair trade and ethical production of Trochus sp. for mother-of-pearl won the first Industry Environment Award in 2006. It is a conceptually very innovative project.




Blue Seas Pearling & Clipper Pearls P/L

Pearling oysters are farmed using advanced systems, and sustainable and environmentally friendly methods in NW Australia.
Two companies have achieved ecocrest© certification: Blue Seas Pearling (in 2006, 2007 and 2008) and Clipper Pearls S/L (in 2006 and 2007).


Pearl oysters are farmed ethically and sustainably in Indonesia. In 2023, thanks to direct audits that verified a virtuous supply chain,PT Dafin Mutiara (Nusantara Pearl Group)was awarded with ecocrest© GOLD certification.


ArteCad SA (LVMH Group) is one of the most important watch dial companies in Switzerland. Thanks to direct audits, it obtained the ecocrest© GOLD certification in 2023 for mother-of-pearl dials from a fully certified supply chain.

Mother-of-Pearl Manufactures in Vietnam

The ecocrest© certified mother-of-pearl is subsequently processed in Vietnam by two separate industries, one dealing with the production of buttons and other semi-finished products and another dealing with technological processing, both certified in 2023 with ecocrest© GOLD. The names of the two companies and their details, by explicit request, are kept confidential and can only be disclosed with a release from BerBrand srl for the former and Superlativa srl for the latter.